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Fitting Bins

  • Premium fitting bins (2)
  • Round tube fitting bin
  • Square Tube Fitting Bin
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Our fitting bins are an ideal storage product for keeping a yard neat and tidy. They are designed for easy transportation of loose fittings, scaffolding supplies and components. Our fitting bins stack effortlessly in blocks of up to 6 and are available in either round or square tube.

  • Standard bin: H – 680mm x L – 930mm x W x 930mm x D x 380mm. Weight: 44kg
  • 3 sided bin with half side: H – 680mm x L – 930mm x W – 930mm x D x 380mm. Weight: 42kg
  • Premium (Van Damme) Fitting Bin: Reinforced with angle iron around the upper surface. H – 680mm x L – 930mm x W – 930mm x D – 380mm. Weight 53kg

Available in a self colour or powder coated in a ral colour of your choice, we can also manufacture custom size fitting bins to suit customer requirements.

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